Business creativity
by Xuarig Technologies

Why you can be interested

You might think creativity is key for innovating. It is clearly a sparkling factor for starting to differentiate your offer. Then execution, market knowledge and perseverance play major roles when creating a business.

ideavers provides support for you to:

Inspired by state of art approaches in innovation from customer development process to Lean thinking, ideavers provides a creating environment.

Available now, (in beta version)

Download here


You can directly download the java file and run it on your platform.

It will create a Test file and logfiles automatically in the directory of execution.

You can cut/paste in another directory anytime, mind copying the Test file to keep your model accessible to the application, otherwise it will create another Test file

Tutorial for current functionalities

User guide in pdf



Current v0.13 - 2013-10-16

Previous v0.12 - 2013-10-11

Known issues